About us


EM Energy Solutions is a global company with home base in Norway and branch offices in USA, South Korea and UK. Our team consists of highly motivated personnel that together form a broad field of industry experience.

 The owners and several of the employees of EM Energy Solutions have long experience in the offshore oil industry. Here, they experienced several of the biggest challenges industry faces, and the idea behind our revolutionary technology was created.

 EM Energy Solutions specializes in solutions for power quality and energy optimization.

Our vision is that our industry leading technology based on electromagnetism will pave the way in the future for voltage balance, surge suppression, harmonic filtration, transient removal and more across a wide range of industries.


At EM Energy Solutions, we always want to be one step ahead, and it is important for us to be able to offer our customers smart and efficient solutions. We are a growing company and have in a short time captured the interest of several world-leading companies. This helps motivate us to work even harder to be the first to come up with innovative technology and solutions.