The EMES AVC – RTS (Ride Through Storage)  is designed for sag correction in commercial and industrial applications, providing a seamless power supply, eliminating downtime. The AVC – RTS is the ultimate solution for a complete protection from power outages, voltage sags and swells.  All in a single, cost-effective and robust solution.

What is voltage sag?

A voltage sag is not a complete interruption of power; it is a temporary drop between 10-90 percent of the nominal voltage level. Voltage sags are the most significant and costly power quality problem facing industrial and commercial customers today. Many types of electronic equipment are sensitive to voltage sags, including variable speed drive controls, motor starter contractors, robotics, programmable logic controllers, controller power supplies, and control relays.

Customer benefits

Our clients report the cost of production stops can be as high as $40,000 per hour. Total production loss for a single event can exceed $1,000,000 or more. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, food processors, automotive industry and other power-critical manufacturers report similar staggering costs. In addition, unmitigated voltage sags can cause data loss and equipment damage.


Key Features

  • Up to 30 seconds of ride through (customizable).
  • Perfect compensation 0~130 % residual voltage to 100 % rated voltage.
  • 99,5 % high efficiency.
  • Ultra fast switching time less than 100 us and an overall response time less than 5 ms.
  • Strong over-voltage regulation ability, rated voltage can be set between -20 % and 20 %.
  • No reduction of fault capacity.
  • Isolate line from DC source.
  • Extensive diagnostics.
  • Voltage event log.
  • Seperate coupling transformer.
  • Universal DC interface accepts all types of storage systems.
  • Sophisticated control software.

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Operation Modes

The EMES AVC – RTS  is designed for sag correction in commercial and industrial applications. It is our solution for a complete protection from power outages, voltage sags, swells and blackouts. All in a single, cost-effective and robust solution.

In the event of power outages or voltage sags, the AVC-RTS activates power protection mode. During this mode, real active power and real reactive power are provided to the loads, ensuring complete immunity to the mission critical processes from utility power interruptions, voltage sags and swells. This guarantees maximum system availability and reliability for mission critical processes.

Normal operation mode with the AVC-RTS in standby protection mode with the market leading > 99% high efficiency. Lowering ongoing costs of ownership compared to other solutions such as traditional UPS etc.

Technical Specifications


Rated input voltage range 208V/220V/380V/400V/480V/600V/690V
Input voltage range -20 % ~20 %
Efficiency 99,5 %
Network structure 3W/4W
Topology design 3-level
Performance index
System capacity 50/60/100/150/300/450/600/750/900/1200/1500/1800/2100/2400 kVa
Function Voltage sag, swell and short duration blackout protection
Compensation capability

Compensate 0~130 % residual voltage to 100 % voltage lasting for 3 s to 30 s as standard. Other requirement can be customized.

Target voltage -40 % ~+ 20 %
Switch voltage value Continuously adjustable gradient 0.1 V
Quick response time < 100 us
Overall response time 2 ms
Breakdown bypass Enable
Maintain bypass Optional
Noise level < 65 db
Cooling Fan cooling
Communication capability
Screen 7-inch full color touch screen
Language English
Parameter setting and data display Status information, Operation information, Events recording etc.
Monitoring comprehensive monitoring & reporting features
Display Modern monitoring and reporting functions feed the user with relevant information and has the option to be integrated to other SCADA systems via smart communication features.
Interface RS485/Ethernet
Communication protocol Modbus TCP/IP
Mechanical properties
Mounting Cabinet
Cable entry Bottom entry/can be customized
Altitude < 1500 m, derating 1 %/100 m
Ambient temperature -10 ~ +40 C
Relative humidity 5 % ~95 %, non-condensing
Protection class IP20, can be customized
Relevant qualifications and standards
Standards DL/T12292013, Q/GDW681—2011, En50178. CISPR11,C-Tick, CE, Semi F47