Active Voltage Conditioner


AVC-RTS is the ideal solution for voltage sag correction in commercial and industrial applications. AVC-RTS is available in load capacities from 150 kVA to 3000 kVA, with higher ratings available on request. Momentary power outages and voltage sags are a common and expensive occurrence in the power distribution system. The power system can ride through outages up to 3 seconds in duration with the AVC-RTS installed; other duration capabilities are also available based on customer’s requests. The 3-second standard is based on what is most common in industry and provides voltage sag and blackout protection. Other compensating time frames are possible based on system load and capacity of the energy storage system. The AVC-RTS is capable of full 0-100% voltage sag compensation with a response time of 2-5 ms and is not reliant on any peripheral equipment due to its supercapacitor energy storage system. The unit has a superior efficiency higher than 99%. Energy storage consists of ultracapacitors due to their high energy density, cycle life, and life expectancy. The AVC RTS can also be used for continuous voltage regulation, voltage balancing, flicker reduction, voltage sag mitigation, peak shaving, and wind farm storage.


  • Rated capacity: 150kVA、3000kVA
  • Rated compensation depth:100%
  • Wiring: 3-phase 4- wire (3W on request)
  • Rated voltage: 208V/220V/380V/400V/415V/460V/480V;
  • Target voltage is continuously adjustable between ± 15% of rated voltage
  • Voltage action & adjustment accuracy : 0.1Vac
  • Could choose voltage stabilized function (±30% of rated voltage)
  • Rectifier: Modular&Plug design
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz; Range: ±5Hz
  • Efficiency>99%
  • Fast response time<100us;Full response time: typical 2ms, <5ms
  • Noise: <65dB(1m,Fan speed control-Temperature)
  • Altitude :1500m,Derating capacity>1500m
  • Bottom cable entry, front maintenance, could install against the wall
  • 600k model build in maintenance bypass: ≤1600*1000*2100(W*D*H mm)
  • Rectifier input PF≥0.99;THDi≤3%。



  • Blackout prevention
  • Active mitigation of harmonic distortions
  • Voltage sag mitigation
  • Voltage stabilization
  • Power factor improvement
  • Flicker mitigation
  • Load balancing



  • Complete protection from power outages, voltage sags, harmonic distortions, flicker, load imbalance and other power quality problems in a single, cost-effective, and robust solution.
  • Excellent protection of critical processes in commercial and industrial applications, reducing downtime cost.
  • Reduced breakdown of electrical equipment and increased equipment lifetime.
  • Compliance with IEEE 519, G5/4, IEC 61000 3-2, 3-4 or any other power quality standards, and recommendations.
  • Energy savings
  • Higher electrical capacity from the existing electrical network
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Industrial rugged design
  • Quick return on investment



  • Commercial buildings
  • Process industry
  • Oil & gas industry
  • Manufacturing