AVE - Automatic voltage equalizer


AVE Fixed is a more cost friendly solution but can still pack a punch. It uses fixed high quality isolation transformers with
variable tapping controlled by the units computer, which will make an instantaneous correction to any phase voltage imbalance. Any steady state voltage imbalances will be corrected with the variable tapping functionality, making it capable of correcting a 100% voltage imbalance (fault condition).

Due to its roughed design transformers,
the unit requires very little maintenance. It
comes with an advanced integrated power quality analyzer with access through remote web server and cloud solution. Control and status information from the unit can also be obtained from local HMI panel.

Available voltage classes from 250 Vac – 690 Vac and transformers sizes  up to 6000 KVA.  


AVE optimizes your electrical network efficiency to save energy, protect assets and save costs.

AVE Fixed:

1) Reduces phase voltage imbalance

2) Prevents phase angle differential

3) Eliminates transients and voltage spikes (lightning strikes)

4) Prevents Arc flash

5) Prevents Phase voltage instability

6) Reduces voltage harmonics (Phase – Ground)

7) Reduce waveform disortion

8) Eliminates noisy ground reference and frequency instability

9) Prevents arcing ground faults

10) Provides a good and stable ground reference for power system stability to ensure optimal operation of control systems without interruption.


AVE Benefits:

 1) Increased operational efficency

2) Reduced energy consumpion

3) Extended lifespan of electrical components and machines

4) Reduced  dangers of arc flash and ground faults.

5) Reduced CO2 emissions

6) Reduced maintenance and downtime

7) Saved cost 

8) Increased safety for personnel

9) Advanced Power Quality Analyzer, including webserver, HMI-panel and energy management software

10) Alarms are given for various events like ground faults, transients, voltage imbalance, high harmonic distortions etc

Types and models

AVE  model is selected based on system voltage and transformer KVA rating.