AVE Hybrid AVC

AVE Hybrid Active Voltage Conditioner

AVE Hybrid AVC

The unit combines filter technology, AVE hybrid technology, and UPS technology into one package. The UPS technology is based on thyristor controlled ultra-capacitor banks, will protect your installation from power outages, interruptions, and voltage dips, while the AVE and filter technology will protect against transient voltage surges, harmonic current distortion, zero-sequence voltage harmonics, and flicker. It will also perform load balancing.

The ultracapacitor energy storage has a superior power density, cycle life, and life-expectancy.

The Hybrid AVC has two operation modes. During a stable power supply, it will be in power quality mode performing harmonic current mitigation, load balancing, and flicker mitigation. When a power outage or voltage sag is detected, the unit switches from power quality mode to power supply mode, securing power to the plant and preventing the effects of the voltage sag or power outage. The unit has high efficiency due to its intelligent switchover between the operation modes and will provide substantial cost savings compared to conventional technology. The AVE technology will, at all times, protect against transient voltage surges zero-sequence harmonics and is not affected by the operational mode. The AVE Hybrid AVC solution gives higher efficiency compared to conventional UPS technology. Direct On-Line motor start is possible since the unit is not limiting short circuit capacity nor will it affect the selectivity of the downstream fuse protection. 

This solution will secure your business output not being affected by an unstable power supply and contributing to an increased production out and reduced costs due to process lockups after a power outage or voltage sag.

AVE Specifications:

  • Rated capacity 3000/6000kVA (supply transformer size)
  • Distribution system amperage:
  • Rated Voltage 250-480 Vac
  • Frequency 50/60Hz
  • Wiring: 3-phase, 3-wire/4-wire
  • Weight: 140kg
  • Dimensions: 800x800x2100mm (W*D*H)