AVE mini

AVE mini is a more cost and space-effective solution for lower range transformers between 400 and 1200 kVA. The same electromagnetic principles as used on the standard AVE are applied. The compact design reduces the challenge in terms of available space. It is fitted with high quality single-phase transformers utilizing controller regulated variable tapping to achieve voltage balancing to a high degree of accuracy. The unit has the integrated power quality meter as optional. The operator can obtain necessary system information from the HMI panel located in the front door. AVE mini also comes in single-phase solutions, making it suitable for smaller housing areas.

Operation modes

Voltage balancing mode – Phase to ground voltage control from close to 100 percent (fault condition) to within 3 percent imbalance.

Transient protection mode – The AVE will protect electrical equipment from damaging transient overvoltages

Customer benefits

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Increased life expectancy of electrical equipment
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime
  • Reduced Arc-flash Hazard
  • Reduced zero sequence harmonics
  • Increased production output
  • Cost savings
  • Increased personnel safety
  •  Reduced carbon footprint


Key Features

  • State-of-the-art single phased isolation transformers
  • Advanced Power Quality Analyzer, including webserver, HMI-panel, and energy management software.
  • Alarms for various events like ground faults, transients, voltage imbalance, high harmonic distortions, etc
  • Extremely fast transient suppression
  • High-resolution HMI panel for configuration, monitoring, and alarm display
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Space effective
Animation: AVE transient suppression

Animation: AVE ground fault

Conventional transient protection technology

Conventional surge protection devices are too slow to react to transient overvoltages and often let through 4-5 times the nominal voltage before they react.


The AVE is designed for use in a wide range of industries. With AVE installed, all types of three-phase power systems are optimized and protected. Each power transformer requires one AVE. The AVE provides transient voltage spike protection, arcing ground fault protection, phase voltage balancing, and arc flash mitigation.

Technical Specifications

Model Selection

AVE – Mini Model Selection

Model selection is based on system voltage and transformer kVA

Line Voltage Capacity kVA Distribution Amperage Cabinet Size

AVE module number

G: Grounded system

UG: Ungrounded system

250 400 900 600 x 760 x 350 AVE-M250(U)G400
250 800 1800 600 x 1000 x 400 AVE-M250(U)G800
250 1200 2700 600 x 1000 x 400 AVE-M250(U)G1200
480 400 480 600 x 760 x 350 AVE-M480(U)G400
480 800 950 800 x 1000 x 400 AVE-M480(U)G800
480 1200 1400 800 x 1000 x 400 AVE-M480(U)G1200

ED: External Disconnect 4G: 4G router F: Floor mounted