AVE Sizing & Model selection

AVE Sizing and Model Selection

Automatic Voltage Equalizer size is based on system voltage and transformer kVA.

To properly size an Automatic Voltage Equalizer, we need to answer a couple of questions:

 (Our engineering department will assist with correct sizing and model selection)


  1.  What is the system voltage?
  2. kVA rating of the supply Transformer? If you know the kVA rating, use the table to find correct model.
  3. If you don’t know the kVA rating the circuit breaker, fed by the transformer can help. Example: 2000A main CB (use Trip rating).                      Formula: Transformer kVA is approximately equal to (Volts x CB Amp rating x 1.732) / 1000.
  4. Available space for installation.
  5. Distance from Transformer to preferred installation location. Ideally, AVE should be installed as close as possible to transformer                      secondary side.
  6. Network and communication system
  7. Wall or floor mounting


Example 1, 250V Main Circuit Breaker, rated 2000A,

((250X2000) X 1.732) / 1000 = 866kVA. Select model: AVE250(U)G3000


Example 2, for 480V Main Circuit Breaker, rated 4000A,

((480X4000) X 1.732) / 1000 = 3325kVA. Select model: AVE480(U)G6000


Model options

Industrial WAN Router (Standard on  AVE – AVE Fixed – AVE High Voltage)

 F-R100 industrial WAN Router is an state-of-the-art router which maximizes uptime by seamlessly switching between the multiple Internet interface. Flexible wifi, 802.11 b/g/n, configurable Wi-Fi as WAN or access point, Wi-Fi Security (WEP / WPA / WPA2 Mixed Mode) and multiple SSID. High-powered industrial CPU and embedded real time operating system. DIN-rail mounting, wide operating temperature range, and IP30 metal housing. 


Industrial 4G Router

EM Energy Solutions voltage balancing products can be fitted with state-of-the-art 4G cellular router designed for applications requiring faultless connectivity. It provides a secure, reliable, real-time and remote connectivity for our units. Software-defined, multi-carrier networking, dual SIM models, 802.11n and global 2.5G/3G/HSPA+/LTE options make it easy to get connected from anywhere in the world.

Power Quality Analyzer (Standard on  AVE – AVE Fixed – AVE High Voltage)

EM Energy Solutions products come with an advanced network analyzer either integrated or as a standalone solution. The PQA includes a comprehensive energy management and power monitoring program. The system has trigger point waveform recording which enables operator to go back and lock at any trigger point to fully understand the sequence of events in the power system. The waveform capture function allows users to record and view 10 cycles before and after trigger point. The PQA has a local digital display, web interface and cloud solution. The units have a simple hookup. Connect 3 phase voltage supply and flexible Rogowski coils on main bus bars. Rogowski coils are delivered in various current ratings and sizes.

The PQA uses highly flexible Rogowski coils for system current reading with an accuracy of 0.5%. This is a flexible solution when space Is limited, or the conductor has irregular shape. The Rogowski coil has a current range of 5-50 000 Amps. The wide frequency range makes it a very good choice in terms of harmonics and power quality readings. It comes in 4 standard length selections: 16, 24, 36 and 47 inches. See table below for dimensions and sizing.


Floor mounting for cabinets

Base section for floor mounted EM Energy Solutions units. High-load capacity base corner pieces with moulded self-positioning to the baying enclosure system, may be used with or without trim panels depending on the application.

External disconnect switch

EM Energy Solutions Units have an option to be equipped with an external disconnect switch.

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Distribution system explanation: (If you are in doubt on what type of system you have one our engineers will assist)

International standard IEC 60364 distinguishes three families of earthing arrangements, using the two-letter codes TNTT, and IT.

The first letter indicates the connection between earth and the power-supply equipment (generator or transformer):

“T” — Direct connection of a point with earth (French: terre)

“I” — No point is connected with earth (French: isolé), except perhaps via a high impedance.

The second letter indicates the connection between earth or network and the electrical device being supplied:

“T” — Earth connection is by a local direct connection to earth (French: terre), usually via a ground rod.

“N” — the neutral connection is supplied by the electricity supply network (French: neutre), either separately to the protective earth (PE) conductor or combined with the protective earth (PEN) conductor.


Grounded systems

In a grounded system, one of the points in the generator or transformer is connected with earth, usually the star point in a three-phase system. The body of the electrical device is connected with earth via this earth connection at the transformer. This arrangement is a current standard for residential and industrial electric systems particularly in Europe.


In an ungrounded network (isolé-terre), the electrical distribution system has no connection to earth at all, or it has only a high impedance connection.