Our consortium has made it to the second, interview stage in London of the ENA Gas and Electricity Network Innovation Competition (NIC) Call for Ideas 2019 with our proposal for the EVE project.

EM Energy Solutions is one of three consortium partners in the UK-based EV Everywhere (EVE) project.

The purpose of the project is to test methods to increase the pace of EV adoption, maximise value of existing networks and allow consumers and network operators to take full advantage of the energy transition whilst minimising the costs.

Large scale, sporadic EV charging is demanding for the electric distribution systems. Single phase car chargers generate voltage imbalances and harmonic distortion, which can cause supply transformers and electric car chargers to trip on faults.  These voltage imbalances will affect all consumers connected to the same transformer and can result in damage to electrical equipment on the same supply line and higher heat losses. What we will bring to this consortium is network resilience and a smooth transition to increased EV penetration.

In addition, harmonic distortion generated by EV-charge points can also increase heat losses and lower efficiency.  In some cases, the impact of harmonic distortion on transformer performance will often go unnoticed until an actual failure occurs.

The EVE project plans to deploy our power conditioning equipment at substations to mitigate these issues.  By using electromagnetism to distribute energy evenly between the phases and mitigate against harmonics, our technology prevents imbalances from occurring and allows networks to safely maximise use of existing infrastructure.

Project leading partner Trojan Energy produces unique ‘disappear into the pavement’ type on-street chargers installed with intelligent grid protection and is the only widespread on-street charging solution that is suitable for consumers, acceptable to councils and that can be deployed by networks at low enough cost to be commercial.  

The third partner, Energy Innovations Solutions provides ‘Distribution Intelligence Technology’, enabling a constant stream of data and actionable insights that can be used to make real time decisions on network management. 

EVE offers a complete technical solution for successfully maximising the use of existing infrastructure for on-street charging and we will be working in close cooperation with a DNO. Our solution will prove a system up to 100% EV ownership and give networks the confidence to add large scale on-street charging to their existing networks. Trojan Energy is expected to assist the deployment of at least 8 million EVs in the UK by 2030.