This week we installed our units at Neonent Factory in South Korea.

Neonent is a major supplier for parts to the automobile industry with many of the biggest car manufacturers as their main customers.

The factory has very advanced production with a lot of automation including robots and complex processes. They also have several large electric high frequency arc furnaces for their metal casting processes. Arc furnaces not only consume a lot of electric energy, they are also a major cause of many power quality issues. Arc furnaces induce a lot of  harmonics and fast switching transients to the electric distribution system which again have a direct impact on energy consumption and the reliability and lifespan of all the delicate equipment at the facility.  

The benefits after installing our units are fantastic – voltage harmonics were reduced from 29 % (max) to 9 % (max) and much lower energy consumption resulted. The factory can from now on benefit from a clean and reliable power supply, lower electrical bills, less maintenance, less production stop and an overall safer electric system.

The factory has a high degree of automation and sensitive control systems. The AVE will always ensure a clean and balanced power supply resulting in a more reliable operation without any production stop due to machine failure.
Electric high frequency arc furnaces are used for metal casting. These systems create a high level of harmonics and fast switching transients which affects all electric machines and components in the factory.  With the AVE installed the transients are eliminated and harmonics reduced to within the industry standards for power quality, a fantastic result.
The factory produces automobile parts for many of the major car manufacturers.
Destroyed SPDs (surge protectors) have been a repeating issue at the facility. With AVE installed this will be a blast from the past!
Installation of our units is a simple procedure.