Automatic Voltage Equalizer and our new revolutionary technology based on electromagnetism were for two weeks in November put to some thorough testing at Power Networks Demonstration Centre. The functionality and benefits of the unit were tested in detail with most impressive results. The units unique capability to balance distribution system, save energy, drastically reduce the risk of ground faults and arch flash were all tested and documented.

Full test report and documentation is now available on our website

Above you can see the result of one of the tests completed at the Power Network Demonstration Centre. As a baseload during the test we had 3 power-resistors each at 10 Ohm connect in delta, consuming around 22,2 kVA. To induce a voltage imbalance, one 30 Ohm power-resistor was connected between phase A and B, which induced close to 9% imbalance. From the graph one can see how the voltage imbalance is instantly reduced to 1.32% and consumption is reduced with 350 VA when the unit is turned on. By adjusting the ratio on the variable transformers, both the imbalance and energy consumption is further reduced. The energy reduction was close to 500VA. If we calculate this into kW hours over a year, it adds up close to 4400 kWh. Depending on local electricity costs, one could just imagine the savings possible on a larger scale system.

Figure above shows the voltage phase angles logged during voltage imbalance testing. Phase angles shown are for the AVE off and the AVE on with transformer ratios tuned to approximately 75%. In both cases the phase angles are shown to move closer to their ideal values, i.e. those separated equally by 120 degrees, when the AVE is switched on and is active. The more ideal phase angle separation of 120 degrees ensures that three-phase power transfer at any moment in time is constant, which is preferable to many three-phase loads, including motors, and will have major impacts on the longevity of the motor and its efficiency

Ground fault and arch flash prevention testing.

Figure above shows system with ground fault on phase A with AVE Off and AVE On. The figure also illustrates how AVE eliminates the dangerous overvoltages experienced by healthy phases during fault conditions, and lowers the phase voltages to nominal, lowering the risk of damage to equipment and injury to people to a minimum. AVE reacts and stabilizes a faulty system in less than 0.8ms, this due to AVE`s unique technology based on electromagnetism.

The data in Table above highlights the very low levels of current and power flowing through the AVE device when it is active and balancing the voltages.  AVE consumes less than 0.03 Amps flowing in all phases and 0.1 Amps flowing to ground. This low current flow highlights the low energy consumption associated with the uniqe way the AVE balances voltages.