Smart Power Quality

Smart Power Quality

Designed for outdoor installations and comes with IP44 enclosure and intended for installation on supply transformers secondary side. The unit will perform 3-phase load balancing, VAR compensation, and optional harmonic mitigation.

The SPQ is based on an upgraded SVG, or ASVG mounted inside a stainless steel enclosure complete with protections and built-in WiFi for easy diagnostics. The SPQ is specialized for the increased power quality issues found on distribution networks and has the following functions; three-phased unbalanced compensation, fast step-less regulation of reactive power, and system voltage stabilization. The SPQ can also be equipped with harmonic mitigation capacity if needed. The SPQ is ideal for mounting outside when there is no room left in a plant switchboard room or for mounting up a pole for electricity network applications. SPQ is available in 30/50/100kVAR in two cabinet size options. The SPQ offers all the features of the SVG / ASVG as a complete stand-alone system.

Key Features

  • Superb power factor correction performance
    that maintains a PF of 0.99 lagging or unity if
  • Compensates both inductive and capacitive
    loads from -1 to +1 power factor.
  • Dynamic step-less compensation profiles the
    load and operates with a reaction time of 50μs
    and response time with full correction in less
    than 15ms.
  • No possibility of over-compensation or
  • Will only inject the kVAR that is required at
    any specific moment.
  • Corrects load imbalance
  • Harmonic mitigation (ASVG) of 3rd, 5th, 7th,
    11th harmonic orders
  • Unit capacity can be shared 50/50 between
    power factor and harmonics correction
  • Operates at low voltages
  • Can be used with existing PFC systems
  • Suitable for mounting up a power pole
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • Stainless steel IP44 outdoor rated enclosure
  • MCB and class C overvoltage surge protection
    against indirect lightning discharge
  • Not affected by resonance
  • Parallel connected, so larger capacities are



The red arrow in the illustration above shows how the SPQ performs load balancing by drawing current from the high-load phase to the low-load phase.