Advanced UPS

The EMES Advanced UPS protects mission critical processes from supply interruptions and voltage sags while in advanced online mode dynamic regulates fluctuations of voltage. Covering applications from computer rooms through to large datacenters and complete industrial plant protection, EMES have the UPS or voltage conditioning technology for every need. From a few kVA to applications of many MVA and a wide range of supply voltage.

Operation modes

RTS Mode – 99 % high efficiency and 2 ms super fast switching time

Advanced double conversion online mode – high precision and dynamic voltage regulation capability.

Customer benefits

Complete protection from power outages, voltage sags, swells and voltage fluctuation in a single, cost effective and robust solution.

  • Excellent protection of critical processes in commercial and industrial applications, reducing downtime cost.
  • Reduced breakdown of electrical equipment and longer plant life.
  • Energy savings.
  • Higher electrical capacity from existing electrical network.
  • Quick returns on investment.


Key Features

  • 12 inch high quality monitoring screen with advanced and comprehensive monitoring & reporting features.
  • Modern monitoring and reporting functions feed the user with relevant information and has the option to be integrated to other SCADA systems via smart communication features.
  • Highly reliable modular redundant design, that can scale with your business.
  • Hot-swappable modular design, easy to replace modules and other components without downtime.
  • Dual controllers and dual auxiliary power supply ensure continuous system operation and reliable communication.
  • Wide input voltage range (138 V ~486 V) allows UPS to work in harsh electrical environments and to minimize battery use.
  • Intelligent battery management system optimizes the charge and discharge of the battery to increase performance, safety and lifetime.
  • Small footprint in design, saving valuable floor space.

Optional: Complete protection mode

UPS with sophisticated power quality features

EMES UPS-CPM is a revolutionary solution that combines the benefits of various power quality systems within one single robust system. EM Energy Solutions Advanced UPS – CPM protects your processes against power interruptions, transients, voltage sags, swells and fluctuation, as well as from losses caused by low power factor and harmonic distortion. The Complete Protection Mode enable longer equipment lifetime, higher process reliability, improved power system capacity and stability, and reduced energy losses, as well as complying with most demanding power quality standards and grid codes such as IEEE 519 and EN50160.

The UPS-CPM offer a total protection against all power failures, voltage regulation, power factor correction and harmonics.

Cost of poor power quality

According to a European study made by Manson & Roman Targosz, the total cost of bad power quality in Europe alone is 150 billion euros per year. The expenses are divided according to the diagram.

The Advanced UPS-CPM can effectively address more than 90% of these issues!


EM Energy Solutions Advanced UPS is built on the most efficient power electronics technology, ensuring extremely fast and effective response to power outages, voltage sags and a number of other power quality disturbances. Such dynamic real time response ensures a guaranteed uptime and the highest safety standards for crucial business processes.

Total customization with modular design

Full scalability is achieved through modularity in both power electronic units as well as in selection of energy storage capacity and media. Unit capasity from 40-3000 kVA and a fully customizable energy storage which can be tailored for applications requiring power back up from seconds to hours.

Technical Specifications

INPUT Rated voltage 380/400/415 VAC
Voltage range 138 ~486 V (linear derating between 138 ~305 V
Current harmonic distortion < 3 %
Power factor > 0.99
Related frequency 40 ~ 70 Hz


Output voltage of converter 380/400/415 VAC
Stabilized output voltage accuracy of converter ±1 %
Efficiency Advanced online mode: single module efficiency > 97.5 %, cabinet efficiency > 97 %
Response time Online mode response continuously; switching time of RTS Mode 2 ms
Overload capacity of inverter 110 % load, automatic switch to bypass after 60 min
125 % load, automatic switch to bypass after 10 min
150 % load, automatic switch to bypass after 1 min
THDv < 1 %
BYPASS Voltage 380/400/415 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Overload ≤ 135 %, temperature ≤ 30 °C, no limitations
≤ 125 %, temperature ≤ 40 °C, no limitations
150 % ~ 200 %, for 5 min
200 % ~ 1000 %, for 1 min
> 1000 %, for 100 ms
SYSTEM Parallel operation Max. 8 cabinets in parallel
Charge mode Intelligent battery management system
Battery configuration: lead acid battery, lithium battery, super capacitors
Audible noise (1 meter) 60 ~75 dB
Protection level IP21 (can be customized)
Cable entry Bottom entry
Communication interface RS485, CAN, Ethernet, WIFI (optional), 4G (optional), dry contact (optional)
Temperature Operation ambient temperature: -1040  , storage temperature: -40 ~ 70  
Relative humidity 095 % without condensation
Altitude ≤1 000 m (over 1000 m, please take IEC62040-3 standard derating for reference, max 4000 m)
Monitoring 12-inch monitoring touch screen with advanced and comprehensive monitoring & reporting features
Dimension 300 kVA cabinet size 600*830*2000 mm (W*D*H), for other capacity, battery cabinet, or customized size, contact EMES engineers
Cabinet color Standard color is RAL7035 (can be customized)
Certification TLC,CE(EN602040-1,EN602040-2)