DVR Dynamic Voltage Regulator

AVC Dynamic voltage regulator

Short voltage dips in the electrical power supply can result in unplanned production downtime. As a result, product quality can suffer, and companies can incur significant economic losses.

EMES DVR (Dynamic Voltage Regulator) is a system for stabilizing voltage to protect sensitive systems and processes.
Compared to the AVC-RTS, the AVC-DVR does not rely on capacitors to counteract voltage sags & swells.
The lack of capacitors makes this a more cost-effective solution, but it still compensates for up to 40% voltage variation for up to 30 seconds, which will prevent the effect of sags & swells in most cases.
During normal operation, the AVC-DVR optimizes the output power. During a voltage sag, the AVC will boost the output voltage by altering the voltage vectors to compensate for the reduced voltage. The unique features of the DVR make it ideal for handling voltage fluctuations.






      Key features

      • Voltage drops of up to 30% or 40% are increa-sed to the desired value on the output side.
      • Voltage drops of up to 30% or 40% are increa-sed to the desired value on the output side.
      • Overvoltages of up to 20% are reduced to the nominal voltage.
      • Voltage correction in less than 1ms
      • Protection against overvoltage
      • In the event of overloads and short circuits, the system protects itself without interruption by means of an electronic by-pass switch.
      • Ease of Installation and Commissioning (‘Plug and Play’)

      • Low investment and maintenance costs
      • Low investment and maintenance costs
      • Modular system from 150 – 3000KVA
      • Can operate at low voltages• Efficiency of over 98%
      • No energy accumulator required
      • Compact design and small footprint 
      • Resilience against grid disruptions
      • An investment in productivity

      Functions and customer benefits

      Voltage fluctuations can result in unplanned and costly production downtime and can also negatively impact the quality of the products. Furthermore, they increase the wear on the machines, which in turn reduces the service life.

      EMES DVR

      Prevent production disruptions:
      To safeguard production processes, EMES DVR connects in series between the distribution transfor-mer and the load. The DVR has close to no impact on the short-circuit capacity of the grid. Already installed protection measures can remain as they are. EMES DVR protects against voltage sags & swells. Voltage correction happens in realtime (< 1 ms) when the input voltage deviation is between 30% to 120% of the nominal voltage.
      Optimizing quality costs:
      EMES DVR is compact and can be expanded with modular components, making it suitable to eve-rything from individual systems to entire grid sections and factories. The system does not require a battery for power storage and is easy and inexpensive to operate.
      DVR connects between the supply transformer and the load to ensure disruption-free production processes. The DVR can be expanded with modular components and installed in everything from individual systems to entire grid sections.