DVR Dynamic Voltage Regulator

AVC Dynamic voltage regulator

Compared to the AVC RTS, the AVC DVR does not rely on capacitors to compensate voltage sags & Swells. Due to the lack of capacitors, this is a more cost-effective solution, but it will still compensate for 40% voltage variation up to 30 seconds, and thus prevent the effect of sags & swells in most situations. In normal operation, the AVC DVR will optimize the output power. In the case of voltage sag, The AVC will boost the output voltage by altering the voltage vectors to compensate for the reduced voltage. The unique features of the AVC DVR make ideal for handling voltage fluctuations caused by frequency converters and the current harmonics they cause and large inductive loads with high inrush current. 


  • Rated capacity: 300kVA、600kVA
  • Rated compensation depth:40%
  • Wiring: 3-phase 4- wire (3W on request)
  • Rated voltage: 208V/220V/380V/400V/415V/460V/480V/600V/690V;
  • Target voltage is continuously adjustable between ± 15% of rated voltage
  • Voltage action & adjustment accuracy : 0.1Vac
  • Could choose voltage stabilized function (±30% of rated voltage)
  • Rectifier: Modular&Plug design;
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz; Range: ±5Hz;
  • Efficiency>98% Typical(99% – Mechanical bypass);
  • Fast response time<250us;Full response time: typical 2ms, <5ms;
  • Noise: <65dB(1m,Fan speed control-Temperature);
  • Altitude :1500m,Derating capacity>1500m;
  • Bottom cable entry, front maintenance, could install against the wall;
  • 600k model build in maintenance bypass: ≤800*800*2100(W*D*H mm)
  • Rectifier input PF≥0.99;THDi≤3%。


  • Blackout prevention
  • Voltage sags & swells mitigation
  • Flicker Mitigation


  • Energy savings
  • Protection against power outages
  • Increased production output
  • Reduced carbon foot print
  • Increased life expectancy of electrical equipment
  • Protect critical process from interference caused by sags & swells


  • Commercial buildings
  • Process industry
  • Oil & gas industry
  • Manufacturing

The table shows the duration in seconds and how much, the AVC DVR is able to compensate for variations in input voltage. AT 60 percent input voltage, the unit is able to give out 100% of the nominal voltage for a duration of 30 seconds.