Samsung Heavy Industries is one of the largest and most advanced shipyards in the world. Many of the biggest vessels, drilling rigs and platforms have been built at this facility.

In a shipyard at this size there will always be major power quality issues related to all the heavy machinery, complex and non-linear loads connected to the distribution system.

EM Energy Solutions was contacted by Samsung to improve the power quality at one of their welding factories inside the shipyard. The transformer we installed the units at supplied a large robotic welding machine consisting of 10 welding heads. Additionally, there were several other machines connected to the same transformer supply such as overhead cranes, conveyor belts etc.

The poor power quality had a direct impact on the welding quality, which resulted in increased arc-flare, more blow holes and other welding related issues.

EM Energy Solution in cooperation with Kossco, our Korean partner, installed AVE and AWR units together with a state of the art power quality analyzer system. Our units will from now on ensure an optimal power quality which again will result in increased production output, prolonged equipment lifetime and reduced energy consumption.

A detailed case study and power quality report will soon be published on our website.