Power Quality Analyzer

Network analyzer

A comprehensive energy management and power monitoring program is the key to success for any energy provider/consumer regardless of their size. AVE and AWR can be equipped with one of the most advanced power meters in the market today.

Waveform & Fault Recorder

The PQA (Power Quality Analyzer) is designed for trigger point waveform recording.

This enables operators to go back and look at any situation that has taken place to fully understand the sequence of events in the power system. The meter supports a waveform capture function that allows users to capture and record 10 cycles before and after the triggering point whether it be a voltage sag, swell, or over current. The waveform log on the web interface allows users to view these waveforms whenever a power quality event has occurred. The log displays a table that includes the waveform files, the time the at which waveform is updated, and the size of the file. The waveform file name includes the timestamp when the event occurred as well as the parameter name/event name that triggered the power quality event.

Interactive data communication

Data from the unit is reachable through a SCADA network or through a mobile application. There is also a local HMI display for “in the field” troubleshooting and power analysis.

AVE and AWR are standard equipped with industrial Modbus TCP/IP communication protocol wired or wireless for seamless integration into any existing SCADA system. Other communication protocols are also available HTTP/HTTPs Post, FTP, sFTP, BACnet-IP, DNP3 V2, SNMP V3, IEC61850 2nd edition, SMTP.

AVE Mobile Application

Mobile applications connect directly to the  AVE network analyzer to view real time data and device configuration to provide notification for any power quality event or system error.