This network topology shows the integration of the AVE into the SCADA system.

The power quality analyzer (PQA) measures power quality variables and transfers this information directly through either wireless or wired network to the AVE unit. Information from the PQA is also obtainable through the WEB interface or at local operator stations.

It is possible to have several power quality analyzers in the system. This setup could be suitable if the operator want’s to monitor specific switchboards.

The PQAs can have both analog and digital IO modules attached for feedback and control of equipment. This configuration makes it possible to monitor and control machines. For example, it enables the shutdown of machines based on electricity spot price or power quality situations.

The standard communication protocol is Modbus TCP/IP. Both wired and wireless networks are possible depending on wireless range limitations or customer preferences.

Remote support

Remote support is possible through a WEB interface. If problems or questions arise regarding the power quality analyzer, the support helpline can assist. Remote support software upgrades are also possible through remote support.

WEB interface

The units are equipped with an industrial WAN router with optional 4G for secure web access through a cellular network.